Wrong Treatment With Stripper Is Right With A Prostitute

Daniel Carey

So all you guys out there! We all are aware of the fact that we are now adult and we have body needs which if, not fulfilled rightly can make us totally crazy. This is natural and females have this too (and they have this more than we have in us). Here we will talk about female stripping and female prostitutes and how they require different mindset of a male in order to get satisfaction from her body.

There are two aspects of satisfaction one is ‘touching’ other is ‘looking’. Our hormonal changes provokes us towards body hunger aka sex. There are certain age phases where one is not married but still wants to satisfy the body needs hence Strip clubs and prostitution comes in, but still there are certain rules which every male needs to understand before getting the adult entertainment. Female stripping is a way of getting aroused and watch those beautiful naked hotties dancing in front of you. So guys here is the deal, in order to enjoy the adult entertainment one must need to understand what to do and where to do what? There is a difference if a nice lady is stripping in front of a guy definitely that’s a looking entertainment, there are certain pubs and clubs where one is only allowed to watch the show, do whatever he wants except for touching her, however there are certain female strippers in Gold coast which allows their clients to hire the stripper for private room show and yet again he may not be able to do her (no matter what, otherwise it will be considered as an offence). Even in a private strip show one can just touch her to an extent such as: putting hands on her boobs, grabbing her waist etc. but only after her consent. Guys please understand, she is a stripper not a prostitute.

This brings us, the very famous sexual pleasure job i.e. prostitution. Yes! In this case one can do whatever he wants only after giving her the money (first money than fuck). There are certain perverts who just want pleasure without payment; Guys! Do not be that person, she is a prostitute a guy can use her for sex but can’t own her. On the other hand there are some rules again in this area as well, some female prostitutes are peculiar regarding something in sex for example: she might not be interested in anal sex or fingering unwelcomely or maybe she is not ok with more than one guy in the bed; there is a verbal consent there so if a guy wants to have fun; he doesn’t cross the line anyways. That’s why it is better to understand the difference before stepping in the adult entertainment, because may be the way he is treating a stripper is the way to treat the prostitute.